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Launchpad Patents is a federally registered patent agency focused on building your patent portfolio.

With decades of patent experience under our collective belt, we use innovative processes to maximize patent reach and quality while keeping costs under control.

  • High-quality patents
  • In-house–style patent management
  • Cost-effective services with timely deliverables
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Visit our Blockchain demonstration application is where you can access and use our demonstration blockchain web app. is a fully functional, free web application for driving data transactions on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

Launchpad demonstrates a user interface that hides the complexities of blockchain transactions, and provides custodial services for your confidential data including registering and time stamping the data to a blockchain. Both our programming and our powerful back-end software are available for your custom application. Inquire by tapping the "contact" button below.

Some functions at

  • Register to receive a free custodial HD wallet
  • Upload your confidential file for hashing, encryption, and storage on the IPFS network
  • Register your file to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (BCH)
  • Verify the content of your file with our exclusive Proof button


  • Make an NFT from your file as a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP type 1) token
  • Export your token to any token-aware wallet compatible with SLP
  • Download your file to a token holder when they present your token for a swap (and burn the token)
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